Beginning Lua Programming

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Beginning Lua Programming
English | ISBN-10: 0470069171 | PDF | 8.53 MB | 673 paginas | 2007

A small yet extraordinarily powerful programming language, Lua achieved its popularity early on as a video game scripting language and has since evolved into a general purpose programming language that is compact enough to fit on a variety of host platforms
This book provides programmers, game developers, and Web site developers with an in-depth look at the various aspects of programming in Lua
Complete code samples with practical applications and robust error handling offers beginners helpful learning tools
Diagrams provide a visual glimpse behind the scenes of important Lua features such as stacks, hash tables, garbage collection, lexical scope, and function closures
Features discussions on managing memory, garbage collection, using libraries, strings, tables, extending Lua, event handling, databases, and Web and game programming

From the Back Cover
Lua offers a wide range of features that you can utilize to support and enhance your applications. With this book as your guide, you'll gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of programming with this powerful language. It will walk you through the basics, covering everything from installing Lua on your system to developing games and web sites.

Experts Jung and Brown first present the fundamentals of programming and explain standard Lua functions. They then show you how to take advantage of all of the free Lua community resources that are available. Complete code samples are integrated throughout the chapters to clearly demonstrate how to apply the information. Diagrams are also included to highlight important Lua features such as stacks, hash tables, garbage collection, and function closures. All of this will help you to quickly write your own effective programs.


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